Friday, July 23, 2010

Popy changed reproductive organ

Generally, it sounds wired for Cambodian people when hearing that someone have surgery to change sex and is injected with sperm for having pregnancy. But it is not excited and surprised by people living in developed and developing countries.

According to interview with local magazines, Popy who you all knew is gay and performing as movie and karaoke actor after winning award of gay contest. His real name is Neang Sothea, 25 and the youngest son of 4 siblings in family. He liked to wear female clothes since he was childhood.

In responding in interviews, he said that he had his sex organ operated to change into female sex since early 2007 in Thailand, by spending more than US$7000. He is happy to tell all audiences that Popy is not gay any more. Popy is a woman like other girls and women after surgery. He used to tell in interview that he would get married to a man. Until now, the news of marriage is still not happing yet.

We can ask if Popy will have pregnancy like the real girls and women. Why does man want to marry Popy? In reality, Popy will not be able to have baby like other women because Popy is male gay.

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