Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Authors believe that this time the gay kiss on TV

Silvio de Abreu, of "Passione" and Ricardo Linhares, who writes with Gilberto Braga overall plot of the next 20 hours, "Foolish Heart", agree that the gay kiss PSOL displayed by the time election may be a breakthrough.
In an interview with journalist ...Audrey Furlaneto column "Other Channel" Leaf, Silvio de Abreu said that "society is already more than prepared to see a gay kiss done with elegance, taste and emotion."
Ricardo Linhares agrees with his colleague: "The Brazilian drama is ready to address the issue without any fear," but questioned whether the indicative classification would allow the delivery.
The Ministry of Justice, which monitors and sets age and ratings linking showtimes does not assess the time of elections, but only products of fiction.

Source: ADTV

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