Friday, September 10, 2010

New gay club night promises cheapest drinks in London and a night out with a difference

A new LGBT club night in London will be a night out with a difference, organisers say.

QueerlyOut, aimed at 18-30-year-olds, launches on October 7th and promises drinks priced from 99p as well as a range of support services such as sexual health and housing advice.

The clubnight will be held every Thursday at The Underground in Aldwych, WC2, which is a short walk from Soho. It is media-sponsored by, Boyz and Attitude Magazine.

Promoter Sam Feller said the night would provide students and young people with an enjoyable, alternative night out as well as a safe environment in which to have fun.

"The concept was born out of my feeling that some other gay nights were being exploitative," he said.

"Being a student in Leeds, we had a weekly gay night with £1 drinks. When I came back to London, I was shocked that nothing similar seemed to exist. Charging young people a hefty entrance fee and then £3.50 upwards for a drink seemed, to me, unfair."

"Our drinks prices start at 99p for tequila and sambuca shots and £1.40 for a vodka and mixer. We're going back to the way prices should be, particularly in the current economic climate when young people don't have a lot of disposable income."

The night promises to host a different charity or service provider every week to provide sexual health advice, counselling, housing and legal advice as well as support for drug or alcohol-related problems. The night also aims to support fundraising for LGBT causes.

The launch on October 7th will be raising funds jointly for sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust and LGBT housing charity Albert Kennedy Trust.

QueerlyOut is looking to speak to other charities interested in using the weekly club night to provide services in the community.

"This is our way of giving something back to the LGBT community," said Mr Feller.

"I see too many London club promoters just interested in how much money they can make from the community rather than actually giving something back. Right from the start, I want QueerlyOut to be different, to be able to offer a great night out while at the same time really giving something back to a community that I am so proud to be a part of."

The clubnight will offer two rooms of music, ranging from mainstream house to indie/pop. It is also designed to counter the reduction in Soho venues over the past few years.

"We're bringing gay clubbing back to where it came from," said Mr Feller. "With so many gay club closures over the past couple of years, the music seems to be lacking variety and people are sick and tired of the same old, same old. QueerlyOut aims to put a spanner in the works."

To apply to be on the guestlist for the launch night, visit or complete the registration form below

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