Saturday, October 10, 2009

Answer from dailynewstar

Catherine Zeta-Jones, according to a poll of women, is the "World's Most Beautiful Star." She was the number one choice of 8,000 women worldwide who placed a vote in a new global poll. Catherine beat out Brigitte Bardot (who came in second), Audrey Hepburn (she took third place) and even beat out Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen - she took 7th spot.

Women were able to vote on celebrities whether dead or alive, as they looked in their "heyday." Zeta Jones even beat out younger beauties Jessica Biel, 25, and Sienna Miller, 26.

Surprisingly, Angelina Jolie didn't even make the top 50!

Charlotte Newbert, of poll organisers Nephria Cosmetics, said: "Catherine Zeta-Jones is an ideal winner. She oozes style and grace and her natural beauty just shines through."

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