Thursday, November 12, 2009

Do's and Don'ts in Cambodia

1-Remove hats and shoes before entering home and holy places
2-Avoid public displays of affection: Cambodian society is conservative and traditional
3-Ask permission before taking photos, especially of ethnic minorities and religious sites
4-Learn basic Khmer words such as "Hello," "How much?" and "Thank you"
5-Politely bargain when purchasing. Bargaining can be an enjoyable and interesting interaction with local
6-Try to stay with a Khmer family. Cambodians are famed for their kindness and hospitality
7-Try local specialties such as Amok (fish curry) and Plea Sach Kor (raw beef salad)
8-Visit rural Cambodia and the local markets for a flavour of Khmer daily life
9-Watch traditional and cultural dance shows which are available in various restaurants
10-Take bicycle ride along the rice field and country sides
11-Buy Khmer souvenirs before returning to your home country

1-Touch people's head. The head is considered the holiest part of the body
2-Point or gesture with your feet or rest them on furniture. Feet are considered the lowest and most unclean part of the body
3-Touch monks if you female. Any physical contact with the opposite sex is forbidden for ordained nonks
4-Use expletives, shout or lose your temper. No-one cheaper replicas
5-Remove stones from historical sites, no matter how small or undecorated
6-Consume illegal narcotics or use prostitures. Both are illegal in Cambodia
7-Hug and kiss in public.
8-Purchase historical artifacts in Cambodia. Buy only the replica ones
9-Give children vendors in the temples candies if you do not intend to buy their products
10-Be foul-mouthed in middle of lake or jungle. It is considered bad omen
11-Involve in narcotic drug consumption and sexual exploitation of children

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