Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gravia idol singing group takes on baseball theme

Proving that Japanese pop groups can come in all different shapes and sizes, popular sexy gravia idol singing group Sexy☆All Stars released a new album titled “Sexy Koshien” on July 21st. The album splits the group into teams focusing on their various assets; Breast Kingdom, Yankee Breasts, Lovely Slender Leg Squadron, and Umore’s Cleavage Troops. All the rare songs of these units will be collected for the album.

The album also acted as the debut for the “Koshien Breast” members, which were given a baseball team theme. The members all took different positions on the baseball field; Teshima Yukata (pitcher), MAO (catcher), Houzyou Mami (first base), Miwa Nagaoka (second base), Sukegawa Marie (third base), Megumi Haruno (short stop), Sunouchi Asuka (left field), NAON (center field), Yuka Kuroda (right field), Mouri Yuki (sub player) for a grand total of ten positions.

To really hit the point home, the group boasts that their combined bust size is over 922cm.

The group has several songs from each unit on it such as “Koshien Breasts” and the “Breasts Rooter’s Song.” The release will also come with a DVD that includes videos of the 13 songs.

Although this isn’t a release that is likely to appeal to the mainstream, you have to give them credit for coming up with some creative names and hilarious concepts for their release.

Track List:

01. Breast Squadron Pairenjya / Breast Squadron Pairenjya
02. Pink Song / Breast Squadron Pairenjya
03. Breast Marching Song/ Breast Kingdom
04. Breast ManEater / Breast Kingdom
05. Speed Queen / D-Rive
06. Escape / D-Rive
07. Panties Talking~! / Lovely Slender Leg Squadron
08. Lovely Slender Leg Squadron / Lovely Slender Leg Squadron
09. ESCAPE! / Umore’s Cleavage Troops
10. Namagoroshi /Umore’s Cleavage Troops
11. Yotsuyushiku Oppai! /Yankee Breasts
12. Pura wo Sagashite… / Yankee Breasts
13. Breast Koshien / Breast Koshien
14. Breasts Rooter’s Song / Breast Koshien

source: tokyohive

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