Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kumada Yoko teaches you how to make your breasts larger

Gravia idol Kumada Yoko, made an appearance on a local TV show, “Night shuffle” and showed her way to make her breasts larger.

According to Yoko, you have to loosen up fat on any part of your body and bring it up to your breasts. She said that even fat on your knee can be transfered to your breasts.

Yoko also said there is a food which can make your breasts larger and all of her friends who are also gravia idols, such as Hoshino Aki, and Isoyama Sayaka, eat the food as well.

Well, the magical food is fried chicken, but not just regular fried chicken. According to Yoko, there are chicken which eat certain food that include ingredients for “breast growth” and if you eat that chicken, your breasts will be bigger.

source: tokyohive

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