Sunday, August 22, 2010

If you're handsome, you grace river. If you're ugly or look better.

Good boys, I'll tell a story that happened to me the other day in the city where I live, (Brussels). I went with a friend at school to deliver some papers for French training, we got there and the first entrance to the building was open, there were people inside, but unfortunately the second gate was closed and there was nobody in the building. I went with a friend and logically speaking Spanish, what a guy looks at us and tells us that it was closed. We kindly struck up a small conversation with him. Typically, "if you speak Spanish there," where are you "... The funny thing was that I hardly looked at me and spoke to me only if I asked something. He was very busy talking to my friend, I painted almost nothing there, and surprise when we will go to us like glue sticks and suddenly asks for the email to my friend, I tried to speak but continued to ignore me and just talking with my friend, we took public transportation and the thing was the same. Until now my friend and I went down.
Reflection of this: It is impossible for a person to fall ill when you not even know her, so guess not interested in talking with someone like me (which is the heap).
The funny thing is that this person that I was discriminated uglier than me.
So my advice if you're ugly, ugly never discriminate against another because you can not expect a handsome countenance upon you (unless you have millions in your bank account or seek residency papers ...), although there miracles in love, there is only a probability of 0.09% that is set in a pretty ugly for love.
I talk to everyone, it is logical that not everyone likes me, but you can always come up a friendship and that's good. What happened that day I made me really angry and I wish it was done to him to see how I felt.

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