Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lorenzo Martone, a former Marc Jacobs admits to dating Lance Bass of NSync

After the breakup with Marc Jacobs, Lorenzo Martone Brazilian is back to his homeland for a job. During a visit to Sao Paulo, he gave an interview to Mônica Bergamo column in Folha de Sao Paulo. "

According to Martone, dating to the famous fashion designer has given him good contacts, although it is always seen as a "shadow." "For those people who find visibility a positive thing, the answer is probably yes (that dating helped). But that means I was considered a shadow of it. There was no space because he is a legend. It is the most famous American designer the world today. The positive side was that I knew very nice people. And just to be near him already has a lot of learnings and experiences that are fantastic, unforgettable. Today we are good friends. "

Martone also counts as the end of the novel with Jacobs was amicable and that there is dating Lance Bass, former member of NSync. "We are not lovers. We're already out together and getting to know. I met him recently. There's nothing much ... it has nothing with him," he said, hesitating.

Source: Ego

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