Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Catholic Church in London has "gay Mass"

Contrary to the rigidity of the Vatican's guidance for lesbians and gay men, which suggests that adopt chastity, a Catholic church in London decided to create a Mass dedicated to the gay community.

For the Catholic Church, the marriage of persons of opposite sex is the only sexual expression is permitted because it leads to transmission of a new life.

But, realizing that the faithful homosexuals were accepted into the Anglican church next door, Father Seamus O'Boyle, the parish of the district of Soho in central British capital, he decided to try to convince the Catholic cardinal of the Archdiocese of Westminster and Vatican officials to establish some basic rules for creating the "gay Mass".

By agreeing to "gay Mass" the Vatican demanded that the services do not become a platform for challenging the validity of Roman Catholic beliefs.

For a change, the initiative has been criticized by a small group of faithful traditionalists.

Every 15 days they make a protest in front of the church in Soho, praying and singing hymns and has asked the Archdiocese of Westminster to end the mass gay.

Source: Scene G

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