Thursday, September 16, 2010

New on AAG: Petr Prielozny

Petr Prielozny, new on AllAmericanGuys, is a 22 years old professional athlete, fitness model, strongman competitor and also personal trainer. Currently living in New York City, Petr is fully focused on building his athletic career.

He grew up in a small town in Czech Republic, called
Mseno. As a teenager he was already great sportsmen with all different sport experience as a box, kickbox, soccer, athletic, motocross, swimming, karate. But it was bodybuilding what Petr choosed and turned from common teen bodybuilder to European bodybuilding champion and world known fitness model.

Thanks to his dedication and patience, he went step by step on the way of building his body. That was also the reason why Petr moved to the USA last year, he thinks about his future and is ready to hit first places on shows.

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