Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Malaysian Girl Andrea Fonseka Pictures

Born in Penang, this zesty Malaysian girl consequently grew up in Petaling Jaya and became Miss Malaysia Universe 2004 (it runs in the family: her mother was Miss Malaysia Universe 1970).
The beauty queen has two words to describe herself: ?down-to-earth diva?. It?s an oxymoron, Andrea admits, but she believes that being a diva of sorts at times means things get done as people know better than to mess with you. Now in law school at the National University of Singapore (she graduates in a year), the passionate Man United fan has been modeling from young, hosted several programmes on Malaysian television, and currently hosts Caltex Score Today on Star Sports in Singapore. That?s not all ? Andrea is also a professional dog handler, breeder and a qualified German Shepherd Dog judge. In fact, the animal lover who loves cuddling up to her two cats at home while watching reality telly cites that her most valued professional achievements were breeding a top winning German Shepherd Dog (the youngest ?Top Dog? in Malaysia at that, mind you) and being the youngest International German Shepherd Dog Specialist Judge in Malaysia. Her current obsession lately is Final Fantasy XI. It?s no surprise then, that Andrea?s driving force in life is to be ?the best that I can be

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